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What we do here at Bilingual Nannies ?

Bilingual Nannies is a high-end agency specialising in the placement of English-speaking nannies on behalf of prestigious private homes, in France and abroad. Professionals in education, teaching and childcare, the profiles we select are unparalleled profiles for whom the well-being and development of your children is their greatest concern.

Concerned about ensuring personalised and exceptional service, we would be delighted to discuss the specific needs of your family and to accompany you in the search for the perfect nanny. Our experience both in education and prestigious palace hotels, has given us an overall expertise in helping you be matched with an English-speaking nanny through a clear, direct order of process. We will be available to answer any questions or queries you may have and are excited to begin your search for an exceptional nanny.

Our philosophy is that, along with love, one of the most valuable gifts you can give to your children is education. We strive to empower families with the ability to do that with educated, nurturing and qualified nannies to join them in their daily lives. 

There are unlimited advantages for having an English-speaking nanny join your family: 

Modern Classroom

Cognitive Benefits

Learning a second language has shown to increase focus, concentration, memory and crucial critical and analytical skills. These are in high-demand in the 21st century workforce. 

Children in Playground

Academic Advantages

Statistically, bilingual students achieve greater results overall academically than their peers. 


Social & Cultural Benefits

Research has proven that people who have learnt a second language are more empathetic and have a better global mindset. They have a superior perspective of their surroundings, with a greater tolerance and acceptance of others. Learning English enables them to truly be citizens of the world, whether for international business or recreational travelling. 

Community Garden

Communicative Benefits

Communication is how we interact with others, and how we form and build relationships. 

Love letter

Better understanding of their native language

Parents are often concerned that learning a second language will slow down the progression of their native language, when in fact, it's actually the opposite. Linguistic terms such as comprehension, grammar, vocabulary and sentence structure become common terms in their learning. Learning a new language makes you a better listener as you are used to interpreting meaning and judging nuances. 

Business Meeting

Extra pair of hands 

The ability to speak English opens up opportunities to study and work abroad, as well as a chance to apply to universities and jobs globally. English is the second most commonly used language in the world and the universal language of business. You are enabling your child endless opportunities for their future. Jobs in industries such as tourism, finance, business, information technology, education, hospitality, and many more, are now demanding for job seekers to speak a fluent level of English. 

Family Time

Non-formal, non-threatening environment

With an English-speaking nanny, English is introduced and continues to progress in a natural, unthreatening environment. Children hearing English in their daily routine, will learn organically. There is an opportunity for the nanny to also introduce English through play, games, reading, cooking, crafts, sport and through daily speech. 

Logo Bilingual Nannies Agency
Logo Bilingual Nannies Agency

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