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Hiring a summer nanny - how to ensure the best family vacation

With summer fast approaching, it is without doubt that everyone is booking the last minute details of their summer vacation to enjoy some much-deserved sun and family time. During the summer months, the demand for holiday nannies is high. The difference of having an extra pair of hands while away with children and a change in routine is unbeatable.

At Bilingual Nannies Agency, we've got some tips and tricks for how to begin the hiring of a summer nanny:

1. Start your search as soon as possible

Don't waste any time. With many nannies on leave from their families, there is a great demand and a low supply. The sooner you start your search, the much higher chance you have of finding someone that matches your criteria. It can take time finding someone good so it's best to give yourself plenty of time to be picky. You can tick one more box off your list well before the school term ends!

2. Clear job description

Have a clear idea of what you need the nanny to do. Consider the following:

  • What will be their role and responsibilities?

  • What will be the hours they will work?

  • What will a typical day look like for them?

  • Will she need to be able to drive/swim?

  • Will the role be shared responsibility or sole charge?

  • What would you like the nanny to do with the children during the day?

3. Travel and accommodation arrangements

Once you have an itinerary planned for your trip, share this with your nanny and discuss how they will travel from place to place. Sometimes the nanny will travel with the family by car, train, boat or plane, or they will travel alone and meet the family at each location. This is a cost covered by the family. Be sure that her travel arrangements are booked ahead of time.

Accommodation should be provided if the role requires the nanny to move locations. As well as this, meals for the hours when the nanny is working should be provided.

4. Preparing the nanny

Being a holiday nanny is not always easy as there aren't the same rules and routines of daily life. If your children have any specific needs or routines, it's important to be honest with your nanny to prepare them well ahead of the trip.

If there are processes you want the nanny to follow, communicate this from the beginning and be clear of your expectations. This is the best way to support your nanny to be successful in her job.

5. Having a signed contract

Once you have found the match for you, it's important to form a legal contract with your nanny. Here you must outline each aspect of her employment and have it agreed to and signed by both parties.

Bilingual Nannies Agency has a lot of nannies who are available for summer vacation positions. If you need extra help over the summer break or need to replace your current nanny while she's on leave, please don't hesitate to contact us, and let us help ease the stress!

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