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English Bookstore in Paris: Smith&Son

Updated: Apr 25, 2022

Books can give us a new outlook, take us to a new place and introduce us to people we'll never meet. As a primary school teacher, I was driven to help my students fall in love with reading and be immersed by quality literature; growing that lifelong love of reading and learning.

Théo (Co-Founder of Bilingual Nannies Agency) recommended a trip down to Smith&Son (formerly called WHSmith) on Rue de Rivoli, Paris. Nestled away in the beautiful tunnel walkway that runs along the Jardin des Tuileries, this bookstore will stop you from ever ordering another book from Amazon again.


Upstairs, you'll find quite an impressive selection of English books for children, from picture books, fiction novels and informative texts. There's also an enormous collection of books for English learning - including dictionaries, games, workbooks. With a book for every age, you really must visit this store with your children and discover some new best-sellers and renowned books that even you read as a child.

Let them look through the books that catch their eye or search for topics that are currently interesting them. If they have a lot of imaginative texts at home, encourage them to select an informative text to change things up. It expands their vocabulary and exposes them to different text formats.

Down on the ground floor, you'll find all the best-sellers, classics, and fiction for adults. Covering crime, politics, geography, parenthood, just about anything else! Around the corner, there's also thousands of magazines from all around the world covering the interests of almost everybody. So if you've been craving that magazine from home, you might be able to find it here!

You can even get a coffee on your way out from their cafe with your new book in the other hand. Take a look this weekend or one quiet weekday morning if you have the chance and let us know what you think!

Address: 248 Rue de Rivoli, 75001 Paris

Phone: 01 53 45 84 40

Opening Hours: Mon-Sat 9h30 - 19h30 Sun 12h30-19h00

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