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Holiday Bilingual Nanny in Paris, Reims (FR) & Milan (IT) - May/June 2023
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An Australian family is looking for a bilingual, French nanny for their 9yo and 1.5yo boys. The family will staying in Paris (8 nights) and Reims (5 nights). The nanny will have one week off then meet the family in Milan (6 nights).

Apartment Building

Specific Details


Paris 31st May – 8th June (8 nights)

Reims 8th June – 13th June (5 nights)

Milan 22nd June – 28th June (6 nights)

Hours: 8 - 12hrs/day (flexible)


Salary: 120-180 euros/day (depending on the hours worked) - 15 euros/hr

Language/s: English and French


Accommodation: Provided in Reims and Milan 

The nanny will be responsible for the care of the children - playing with them, assisting in the preparation of meals, changing nappies, putting the children to sleep and general tidying up after games and meals. The nanny will sometimes care for one child, sometimes both, and there will days when the family will ask the nanny to join them in their day-to-day activities. 


The nanny should be adaptable to a flexible schedule. The scheduled hours will vary each day and be 8-12 hours each day, depending on what the family has planned.

Accommodation will be provided in Reims and Milan but not in Paris. Therefore, it is preferred that the candidate lives in Paris. 

The candidate:

  • Speaks English and French (necessary) Italian (bonus)

  • Experience working with children of a similar age

  • Someone energetic, patient and adaptable

  • Has the ability to understand young children and build a positive relationship with them quickly

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