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Bilingual Holiday Nanny in 1ème (7th - 17th April 2022)

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An American family are visiting Paris for 10 days and are looking for an English/French-speaking Bilingual Nanny to assist them on their trip with their twin 6yo boys. They are looking for someone who can facilitate an extra pair of hands but also help with the French language to help make the vacation extra special. The family have been looking forward to this trip for a long time and are looking to maximize their experience by having another pair of hands on board. The father can speak French but the rest of the family are fluent in English and Spanish. 


The nanny will be responsible for being the right hand of the parents throughout their trip in taking care of the two boys throughout the day. It is predominantly a shared responsibility position so the nanny will only have the children as a sole charge occasionally during the day. The twins are both happy, loving, and clever boys. They are very inquisitive and have interests in museums, art, and music, but are very active too and love playing sports and exploring new playgrounds. The family are looking for someone that has a good knowledge of Paris (metro ticketing, museums, etc.) and can be proactive in suggesting exciting activities/places to visit for the children to do/see during their stay. 

Both children are on the autism spectrum and are loving and affectionate. The family is looking for someone who is attentive, compassionate and someone patient to provide the children with a lot of attention in order to read when something is wrong or if a child is upset.


The family is staying in a rented apartment in the 1st arrondissement just by the Les Halles/Bourse de Commerce. The candidate should live close to Paris in order to come and go each day. 

The scheduled hours are Mon - Sun (9h - 19h). 

The nanny will have a day off on the weekend (potentially the 9th April) to have a rest day in the week.

The candidate must have at least 2-3 years of experience in a nannying or childcare role. It is essential that the candidate has a high level of English and a high command of French. An ability to speak Spanish would also be a great bonus. They should be flexible in working cooperatively alongside the parents and be happy to run errands (small grocery shopping) if needed. Excellent communication skills and a high level of professionalism is necessary. 

Salary: 16 - 18 euros net/hour (depending on the profile)

Duration: Thur 7 April (morning) - Sat 16 April (end of day)

Type of Contract: Short-term contract 

Languages: English, French (necessary), Spanish (bonus)


Expected Start Date: 7th April 2022

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