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An agency specialising in the placement of Anglophone Nannies within
French and international families.

Education is the focal point of a child's growth and development for the world we live in today. There is great significance in the people present in a child's life to teach, love and support them each day. 

At Bilingual Nannies, we help families find English-speaking nannies, to not only care for their children, but to bring the English language naturally into the child's daily life. 

For Families

Finding a nanny is like finding a new addition to the family. It is a task that cannot be underestimated in value. They are often, somewhat a "third parent" and must be hired with that in mind. Let's remember, these are your children.

A nanny shouldn't just be a child-minder. They should be educated, open-minded and qualified to take on the ups and downs of your children's lives. Encouraging them through their successes and helping them cope throughout the disappointments. 

In Paris, it's not uncommon to have a nanny. The difference is, at Bilingual Nannies, we aim to find you someone quality, someone qualified, and someone keen to be an important person in your children's development.

Nanny playing with a child

For Nannies

We are always seeking for educated, experienced, compassionate and professional nannies. Never has there been more of a demand for English-speaking nannies in France. Parents are trying to prepare their children for occupations and lives that could be based anywhere around the world.

Nannying should no longer just be considered "babysitting". Nannies must have the skills and qualifications that allow them to support a child to manage all of life's excitements and challenges. 

If you have experience working in childcare or education, we would love to hear from you. We are excited to help you be matched with a family in need of a nanny, through all the steps of the process.

Nanny reading with a child
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